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About Us

1. Who are We?

We are DIY Hotspot'er, thats the name we gave ourself as we started out loving to craft & diy things of our home & livings. We consisted of 5 team members of various specialization. We have a Mechanical Engineer, an Electronic Engineer, Special I.T guy, "The Account Lady", & The Handcrafter.

In the near future, we'll explore into a few different field e.g Home agriculture, self irrigation systems, Home surveillance camera & how to improve them, cosmetic & accessories crafting! And of course, we will publish our findings for all to learn in the near future. We have some merchandise (office supplies, stationaries, home & livings, tools & kits) on the website to make our livings, support us if you find our product fair-priced.

2. Is this be another scam site?

DIY HOTSPOT(MRI2016/1047) is a registered company that are bound to laws, please look us up through

3. Are we getting any bill/invoice/tax invoices upon purchases?

Yes, you will get an invoice for every purchase you made on the website.

4. Quality of goods?

Goods will always be inspected before it was packaged for shipping or delivery!

5. Enquiries?

Please send your enquiries to, we promise that you'll get your answer within the 24 hours.

6. How long will the goods be sent on order?

Unless specified, the ordered item will be sent out within 24 hours upon payment received with transaction slip sent to There will be clear statement on the item description if the item is not able be shipped within 24 hours upon payment received.

7. Credit or debit card for payment

For order more than RM 20.00, you'll get an option to pay by cards through paypal. Credit card or debit card needs to be activated before you could transact money through paypal in Malaysia.

9. What is "tare weight"

Tare weight is weight of packaging box. Our goods are weighted accurate to two decimal places. E.g: 1 bottle of water ~ 0.62 kg which is equals to 620 grams.

Tare weight - 0.5kg, will be added to total of your ordered goods for freight cost calculation

10. How many "tare weight 0.5kg" will be added for 10 items of my purchase?

Tare weight will only be added ONCE every purchases no matter how many items are in the list.

11. Which is the best delivery method?

I would say "Free Delivery", you save time and money! Just pick one that suits your cause!

12. Miri City delivery

Free delivery is eligible for Miri customers within Miri city with no purchase threshold. We will contact the phone number given before delivery.

13. Complains

Please direct your complains to, we assure you will get an reply within 24 hours of mail sent.

Tips for warranty claim:

1. Please check for boxes damages when receiving parcel from courier or any transportation company. Report directly or decline to accept the goods if the packing are damaged or opened. DIY HOTSPOT will are not responsible for goods damage that are caused by courier services or any transportation company.
2. Please report the faulty items without further delay as We do not accept claims after the warranty period is expired.
3. A credit voucher with the same value of defected item will be email to you for future purchases if the warranty claim is accepted. Transportation charges of the defected item will not be covered in the warranty claim.

Documents needed for warranty claim process:-

1. Scanned copy of invoices of the purchase items with invoice number, dates, purchaser address and names viewable (clear).
2. Clear Pictures of the defected items and the packaging box (overview shots and macro shots).
3. A detailed description on the defected items.

DIY Hotspot offers many items, goodies, and tools that you'll possibly need in your daily life. And yes, we, the DIYHotspot people, are using them too in our daily life, we listed only the quality products that we had tried and used in the past.

Have a pleasant time shopping with us, please drop us a comment or review through contact us or just email us


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